CrystalCore Podcast Ep. 24: Open Beta Impressions

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Greetings everyone and welcome to another episode of the CrystalCore podcast.

I hope that everyone who wanted to check out the open beta has been able to register and get logged into the game. And if so, I hope everyone is having a good time!

Anyway, we have a great show for you this week, Cerulean Shaman joins us this week as our special guest and we talk a lot about our impressions of the open beta, and the issues that people are having with the game. It was a blast to record with Cerulean and here is the list of the topics that we covered in this weeks show.


All this and more, plus two segments of three questions as to make up for last week.

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Finally, thanks to everyone who has been working with us to help come up with our theme song, sorry if Brian is slow to respond, but we will continue to work on this.



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