Exclusive PAX FFXIV Interview, Pre-Order #, Misc

Exclusive PAX Final Fantasy XIV Interview

We got some time to interview Sage Sundi at PAX this year! Check out our exclusive interview below. As previously mentioned, there's no game development questions in this interview.  Make sure to check out for the latest news on Final Fantasy XIV.

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Q: Will people outside of the game be able to view the players' site pages from the game?

A: We have a beta version of the site right now. People are able to see the levels and names of the characters. We are trying to expand a little bit of that but we are not planning to have an equipment system like World of Warcraft. We don't have that detail information on the site but we will provide a blog system for each character so each character can have their own diary.

Also, we will have a forum system for the linkshells and you will be able to choose to have a open or closed forum system to show or hide it from the public.

Q: Do you have any plans to help people who played FFXI to reunite with players who will be stating FFXIV?

A: One of the things we will do is let players be able to put their character name and the name of their server so that players will be able to find their friends easier.

Q: What kind of plans do you have, other than the blogging, for the player site?

A: My plan was to have that system outside of our system so players and other big community sites can help us do it. We only provide basic information from our side and with the community site, we will get other parts. That's the plan.

Q: In FFXIV, do you plan on letting players give each other linkshell invites from anywhere in the world or will it remain the same that players have to be in front of each other?

A: That's interesting. We'll get back to you on that. That's a very good point and we may have to add that!

Q: Will the community site forums be a place for developers to answers questions or just for talking between players?

A: Mainly just talking with the community. The reason we don't have an official forum is that the developers only speak Japanese. They would only be able to speak to the players that knew Japanese and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the players.

Q: In the game, will you be able to select different languages regardless of where you live?

A: Yes, you can choose whichever language you'd like. The game is one client with multiple languages and settings.

Q: Will there be a journal or something of the like in the game where you can save stories and cut scenes?

A: No, I don't think so.

Q: Is there anything else you can tell us about the community? Any interesting details?

A: We do have our beta forums open and most of the questions we get are about the interface. 'Will the interface be friendly for the mouse and keyboard?' is what what see the most. We've been trying to fix that and things are getting pretty good now. It's getting easier to handle it by the mouse and keyboard now.

We're really happy to have those forums. They're really helping us get good feedback to help us fix the game.

North America Pre-Order Update

PC + 12,008 = 164,729
PS3 + 937 = 25,628

Total + 12,945 = 190,357

There are only 4 weeks remaining until the launch of Final Fantasy XIV. Can you believe it? This week shows a steady increase in Pre-Orders with 12,945 for the week. The PC version continues to be on track for a minimum of 200,000 launch for PC in NA only.

Please take into account that these numbers are from America only and do not include ALL pre-orders. Also the figures are taken from VGChartz. They are not to be taken with 100% accuracy as there is a margin of error but will be fairly close to the real deal.

Misc News

Two new worlds were opened recently, one yesterday and one today. We've added the world forums for each of these worlds to our World Servers forum area. The two new worlds are named Saronia and Fabul.

We're also working on adding more forum sections where needed. Thanks for your feedback so far.

Also, we've done several major updates to the wiki today. Soon we're also going to revamp the navigation menu. Check out our FFXIV wiki, it's filled with FFXIV information. Look forward to many updates in the coming days, weeks and months.


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