Pax Presentation, FFXIV Wiki, Patches, Hardware Mouse

SE held a Final Fantasy XIV presentation at PAX and we were there. The video footage below are courtesy of however.

Videos removed by the request of Square Enix North America.




Our Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

If you didn't know it yet, we have a FFXIV Wiki which is updated on a daily basis with tons of great information. It's always a work in progress, for example we recently added almost all Guildleve quests and Factionleves. We've now added even more information and you will notice a huge increase of information in the coming days. Got feedback? Post it in our Wiki Hall. Want to contribute? Go nuts, but please make sure to read the information in our Wiki Hall.

New Patches

There's two new patches for download. From the 5th September and also the 6th. The 5th September patch supposedly fixes one of the major issues with the patcher getting stuck when downloading/patching.

Attached Image: D2010.09.05.2000.jpg Attached Image: D2010.06.06.2000.jpg

Enabling the Hardware Mouse

Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility if you try this out. You have been warned.

Read more here.


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