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Ships 3D Models

This is how the ships will look in Final Fantasy XIV. Note that the screenshots below do not have the texture data, so they show up as black and white.

Attached Image: enemyship_wm.jpg Attached Image: Ships_wm.jpg Attached Image: small_airship_1_wm.jpg Attached Image: small_airship_2_wm.jpg 

Misc 3D Models

Attached Image: battlestand_wm.jpg Attached Image: floatf_wm.jpg Attached Image: ifrit_wm.jpg Attached Image: titan_wm.jpg Attached Image: ifritscale_wm.jpg

Unique Gear Icons

Due to the unique design and other information, it makes us think SE will be using them for something special.

Attached Image: 1_wm.png Attached Image: 2_wm.png Attached Image: 3_wm.png Attached Image: 4_wm.png Attached Image: 5_wm.png Attached Image: 6_wm.png Attached Image: 7_wm.png Attached Image: 8_wm.png Attached Image: 9_wm.png Attached Image: 10_wm.png

FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version Update (Sep. 4)

[Important Update Details]
- An issue wherein a player may disconnect from the game when fighting against a certain monster has been addressed.

- An issue wherein the server may go down under a certain condition has been addressed.


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