Master Bait - A Guide to Fishing

So ye' fancy yourself a puller, ah? Sept ye be a small fry in a big ol' pond and be in need of a little assistance. Sit down for a flagon of ale and I be sharing me experiences of pulling with the blessing of Llymlaen.

To get started you need three very essential things, a device for catching fish, bait, and a "the" hat. Of course the hat is needed, it protects you from the elements. All three of these can found at the merchant in the fisherman's guild. The primary fishing tool is the fishing pole itself and the secondary is the fishing spear or gig. Bloodworms make the cheapest baits at the moment at a price I believe is 3 gil each. Also bloodworms can be dropped by the moles you battle in the field.

Currently I have five abilities for fisherman; Throw Stone, Gulleye, Dowse, Wrist Flick, and Veteran Trade. Throw Stone is self explanatory if you've tried any of the other Disciples of Land or Hand, you throw a stone for 1 damage. Gulleye is your ability to locate grade 1 schools of fish up to 200 yalms away from your current location. It should be noted that you can fish in most bodies of water even if a school of fish are not located at the spot. Fishing schools of fish seem to net a particular fish and maybe even more +1, +2, and +3's. Dowse is a ability that tells you how many schools of fish of a certain grade and what direction they are in. Also Dowse adds the effect of "Quick" when those schools of fish are not close enough. "Quick" is a short term run speed boost, about 10-20 seconds. Wrist Flick is an ability to power up Throw Stone for one use, Throw Stone gains the ability to inflict Stun. Veteran Trade is a gathering action that increases the chance of the fisherman successfully gathering while spearfishing. 

200 yalms, how far is that exactly? It's exactly this far. Appears to be roughly the length of two map squares.
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For the purpose of this guide any open area of water without a school of fish will do. Once you have your fishing pole, hat, and bait (pouch slot) equipped it's time get started. Find you a nice peaceful spot were the salty brine meets the land and walk up to the edge and face out to the ocean. Once you do so the interaction icon at the top middle of your screen. open your main menu and select "Fish" from your intractable choices.

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Once you have done this the first portion of the fishing interface will show up. It shows several important things; Grade of the fishing area, bait in use and quantity of bait, Depth of the water column you wish to fish, and begin and cancel. The first thing you need to decide is what position of the water column you would like to fish, the default (center) is fine for now. As of now I'm not to sure how it affects fishing, I've caught clams at the very top several times so far :\ Select Begin and we are ready to start.

Read the full fishing guide.


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