Final Fantasy XI Expansion Announced at VanaFest 2012

We had the pleasure of traveling to Tokyo for Square Enix's VanaFest 2012 to hear all about Final Fantasy XI's brand new expansion in development: Seekers of Andoulin!  After one IRL decade of FFXI, 250,000 years of in-game time has passed, and Final Fantasy XI has been the most profitable FF game in Square Enix's history!  
Adoulin is a whole new capital city with a Spanish Mediterranean feel and an in-game Sandorian influence.  Players will explore an entire new continent in the East, apart from current ongoing story lines.
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To protect each other's interests and defend against the evil forces that assault them, the mainland and its surrounding islands have banded together to form the Sacred City of Adoulin Alliance.

This massive update is designed to be appealing to high level players who might feel alienated by missed questline stories during an absence, largely focusing on battles with giant monsters which tower over players!

Exploration Feature:
Chop down trees, demolish rocks, and set up outposts, rather than having the game provide them for the first time in FFXI!  This allows players to be in control of exploring, fleshing out new zones, and finding monster camps and hidden treasures.  This style greater encourages construction and growth through mechanics such as combat and crafting, which will provide the player with visual rewards in-game as the zone builds up gradually based on player participation.
New Class: Geomancer
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Harnessing the elemental energies that course through Vana'diel's veins in ways that no sorcerer can, geomancers both aid their comrades-in-arms and teach their foes how deadly the forces of nature can be.

This new addition to the FFXI roster is an active, positioning-based character whose success relies entirely on maneuvering, rather than rotations and/or damage output.  The inspiration from this job comes from the classic Geomancer role, who relied on primal Earth magics.

Geomancing encourages a link to the Earth by carving static buff runes into the ground and constantly being aware of one's earthly surroundings and position in the world.  With concentration on buffs/debuffs, it's quite like Feng Shui - the proper placement of items to create harmony or unease.

Geomancers can generate a buff aura around them, but can also place static buffs remotely, making the position of both the Geomancer and ally players very important.  Directional buffs based on player and enemy orientation are also used - for example, if the player stands to the east of an enemy boss, he gains a bonus which then changes if he orients himself to the south of a boss.  Geos will find themselves to be a complimentary job to casters, particularly to White Magic.
They can also use a new unique item type, Bells, to enhance Geomancy!  Casting Geomancy without the aid of a bell is possible, but will yield less impressive results.
New Class: Rune Fencer
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Quick with a blade as well as an incantation, these versatile duelists employ the power of arcane runes to sway the tide of battle both offensively and defensively.

The third Tank job for FFXI, the Rune Fencer employs a combination of defensive abilities and runic magic to generate elemental shields.  

Elemental runes increase magic resistance to a specific elemental type and also gives the user that same element's magic damage with every hit, while enchantment runes augment the elemental rune effect by increasing defensive resistance bonus, offensive element type bonus, duration of rune buff, and possibly more.
Seekers of Adoulin is coming in 2013 to PC, Xbox 360, and PS2 - visit for more information, and stay tuned for more news here at Curse!


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