Support for Windows Vista announced

>Support for Microsoft® Windows Vista™ >We are currently running performance validation of our software with Microsoft® Windows Vista™, soon to be released by Microsoft Corporation, using the final release candidate Windows Vista RC2. As of January 2007, we have confirmed that the PlayOnline Viewer and content on PlayOnline fails to function due to the problems listed below. > >We are still working with Microsoft Corporation to solve these problems, but since performance validation takes time, we anticipate our support of Microsoft® Windows Vista™ to start after the official version goes on sale. > >To our customers who plan on upgrading Microsoft® Windows Vista™ we apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely ask for your understanding. > > >[ Software Affected ] >PlayOnline Viewer >Content supported by PlayOnline (FINAL FANTASY XI) > > >The install menu doesn’t activate. >Even when the install disk is present in the disk drive, the application named “Install Menu” to select which program to install does not start. Instead, the PlayOnline Viewer installation begins. > >The PlayOnline Viewer doesn’t start. >Sometimes, after installing the PlayOnline Viewer, the application fails to launch, and the message “PlayOnline Viewer cannot run under current operating system” appears. > >Since the PlayOnline Viewer does not launch, FINAL FANTASY XI becomes unplayable. >Even when the PlayOnline Viewer does launch, we cannot guarantee its further operation. > >Similar problems occur once PCs that we have previously confirmed are upgraded to Microsoft® Windows Vista™


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