New FFXI Battlefield - Einherjar

The next Final Fantasy XI update will include a new massively multiplayer Battlefield designed for 6-36 players. This battlefield, named Einherjar, is set in the Hazhalm Training Grounds.

The difficulty is set so that you will need a large party of players, with a minimum level of 60, to successfully tackle this battlefield. Entrance will be similar to Dynamis - for players familiar - so you can expect to need an item to zone into Einherjar. However, you will not have to complete any Aht Urhgan missions prior to entering, so anyone able to access the Hazhalm Training Grounds can take a shot at the challenges that await.


Einherjar is split up into multiple missions - each with a 30 minute timer - and players must defeat the entirety of the creatures within that area before the timer expires. The time limit cannot be extended by any means, so it should provide ample challenge clearing all of the weaker monsters, as well as the boss monster.

Completing each of these missions will give access to the final area of Einherjar.


Head over to the Final Fantasy XI website to find out more.


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