New Events, Prizes all this Week in Fiesta

To celebrate the launch of Remi's Rare Finds – the new Fiesta minigame that lets players try their luck for exclusive premium items – the Fiesta GMs have a special week of new in-game events planned, and will be giving out free plays for the minigame.

Starting today, players who RSVP on the Fiesta forums will have a chance to win one of 5 Golden Tickets being given out every day on every server—that's 20 free plays a day! The GMs will be arriving in Elderine at the scheduled times to announce the winning players. Winners have one minute to make themselves known and claim their prize or else forfeit their free play to the next lucky winner.

The GMs will also be running an exciting new event called Gallivant for the Golden House. Any player wearing a special costume who happens across the GMs' Golden Cat House will win a Remi's Rare Finds free play, and all players are welcome to buy any of the unique wares the GMs will be peddling.

These events will run all week, so be sure to check the Fiesta Event Calendar and don't miss your chance to try out Remi's Rare Finds for free.


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