Fallen Earth Closed Beta, Dev Days, and Live Chat Updates


The following news came in today from, where they have announced they are now moving into Closed Beta. This is good news for those of us who have been looking forward to some progressive steps for a release. If you're in the Eastern part of the country they've also posted some news about local fan events in an area near you! Check those out at the bottom of this post.


Hello Fallen Earth™ fans,

We are happy to announce that we are moving into Closed Beta. While our hours of polish and debugging are paying off, we hope that you'll join us in this important phase of testing. We've gained a lot of valued feedback from you on individual towns, but now it's time to test the system as a whole.

Closed beta will give our team the opportunity to conduct some stress tests and tweak how the towns work in concert to provide a positive player experience. With this phase, you'll be able to play (and level) freely through all three sectors of the game, giving you a much better handle on the entire storyline of the game. If you haven't been back in a while, login and see what's going on. You can also encourage friends to sign up at


If you're looking for a few additional opportunities to participate in Fallen Earth activities, don't miss these upcoming events:

Fallen Earth Day with the Devs, February 12

Join the Fallen Earth devs for a play test from 1—5 p.m. (EST) on February 12. Fans are also welcome to come back for the monthly House of Commons chat, hosted by at 9 p.m. EST. For more information on this event, go here.

Fallen Earth Road Crew: Raleigh-Durham, NC and Baltimore, MD

If you're around the Raleigh-Durham or Baltimore/DC area, you're in for a treat. Fallen Earth is on the road and coming to a place near you. Save the date for these important fan events and check back on for more information.

February 19: Ess Lounge in downtown Raleigh, N.C., 7 p.m. EST

February 26: Greystone Grill in Hunt Valley, M.D., 6:30 p.m. EST

Thanks for your continued support of Fallen Earth!

-The Fallen Earth Team


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