Fallen Earth Releases Details About Achievement System

Fallen Earth's Content Team has Offered us a Sneak Peak at the Upcoming Achievement System! Here's exclusive content from their team about the new systems:

Surviving the apocalypse is rough. There’s all that scavenging, harvesting, garbage rummaging, salvaging…all while having to deal with apocalyptic dust flying in your eyes, the apocalyptic sun burning your face off, and apocalyptic rats nibbling at your toes. It’s pretty tough out there and we want to reward our players for all their hard work! To do so, we’re introducing over 500 achievements just waiting to be earned.

Casual players don’t fret; you don’t have to be hardcore to obtain all of these achievements. We’ve broken them down into five categories—allowing hardcore players a challenging yet entertaining addition to work towards while ensuring that casual players can also earn achievements a little more organically through natural game play.

Not to mention achievements will provide some sweet bragging rights! Player accomplishments will be broadcasted in local chat as well as clan chat so those around can see your success(es) and clan members can see your accomplishment(s) no matter where they are in world!

The five categories we’ve broken achievements down into include:

  1. Crafter: Sure to be popular among the wasteland’s more domestic players, achievements in this category can be earned through crafting and tradeskills.
  2. Explorer: Tailoring to those voyagers out there, Explorer achievements are earned through, well, exploring.
  3. Mercenary: With all the new PvP options available, there’s got to be some rewards for slayers and assassins. Achievements in this category can be earned through PvP and killing villains.
  4. Survivalist: And for those organized individuals who keep their packs full and map at hand, Survivalist achievements can be earned through gambling, earning faction points, and using abilities.
  5. Wastelander: True wastelanders know the ins and outs of the Grand Canyon Province. Earn Wastelander achievements for completing missions and unlocking the plotline secrets of the Province!

To give you a head start on earning some achievements, here are a few sample achievements: “Sunny Side Up,” obtained by learning the secrets of Sunshine Corners, “Toro! Toro! Toro!” for those who explore the Toro Valley and “Counting Crows,” attainable through killing members of the White Crow Battalion!

In Phase Two of the Achievement System, we will be adding additional Achievements as well as Rewards for Achievements! (This will also apply to players who have already earned Achievements—they will be rewarded retroactively when Rewards are added). So stay tuned!  


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