Fallen Earth Retail Box Coming in Q2!

Expect to see a boxed, retail, version of Fallen Earth in Q2 of this year thanks to a new partnership with IGS! Fallen Earth has announced a new distribution partnership with North American publisher and distributor, Interactive Gaming Software (IGS). With plans to expand the availability of Fallen Earth throughout North America, IGS, Inc., a publisher and distributor of video and software games, will be distributing the title through Atari USA.

“We are excited about the new partnership and opportunity to expand Fallen Earth’s presence, especially on a large scale,” said Jessica Orr, Marketing Manager for Fallen Earth. “As Fallen Earth grows, the need to make the game easily accessible both nationally as well as internationally has become essential.”

Through national distributors IGS, Inc. and Atari USA, Fallen Earth is expected to hit shelves of several new digital and retail outlets in late Q2.

“Since its release, Fallen Earth has become a very popular, award-winning title and we are so pleased to take part in distribution through North America and expanding its potential,” said Paul Lombardi, CEO of IGS. “The development team has done a wonderful job with the game and I’m confident Fallen Earth will exceed expectations in 2010 with our support.”

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