Fallen Earth New IPhone App Shown At Pax East



During our recent Pax East visit we were able to sit down with the team from Fallen Earth, including Associate Project Manager Dave Haydysch. They had some pretty exciting stuff and were eager to share including a new IPhone App that will offer players something unseen in any other MMO - the ability to login game and execute certain crucial activities from your phone!

The things that the IPhone App allow you to do in Fallen Earth include:

  • Chat with friends and use all chat channels normally available to you. This includes Clan chat.
  • See who's online from your Clan or friends list.
  • Check your in-game mailbox and send or receive mail.
  • Check your inventory, character stats, and show off your character on your phone.
  • Craft new items, check resources needed and check active crafting projects.
  • Buy items directly from the auction house.

The APP should also be available on other platforms in the future including the Droid and other smart phone varieties.

Fallen Earth is also going to be releasing a new area called "Dead Fall" in Q2 that will raise the level cap to 50, give players 130 new missions, introduce the Blood Sport 8v8 PvP arenas, and a new mount - The Blight Wolf.

Screenshot of the new Bloodsport Arena:




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