Hot Summer Getaways In The Grand Canyon Province

Fallen Earth, the upcoming MMO set in a post-apocalyptic future, has a bit of a travel guide to share with everyone today. The Grand Canyon Province is home to six warring factions, all vying for dominance of the ruined zone in the shadow of one of America's most iconic landmarks. It doesn't hurt to be prepared before you enter such a warzone, so here's a travel guide we were given to identify the zone's hotspots.


Hot Summer Getaways In The Grand Canyon Province

If your idea of a good summer is tolerating the desert heat in the Grand Canyon Province, there are a bevy of hidden hot spots for vacationers of every sort. Many are just a short horse ride or dune buggy ride away and provide some interesting entertainment for first time visitors. Today we’ll take a look at three areas for weekend getaways: Embry Crossroads, Trailer Park and Murder Hole. 

Embry Crossroads, considered the jewel of the Plateau, has an eclectic mix of culture—everything from shopping to religious encounters to a Monster Hunt. Visitors will be enchanted by Lovely Temple Row, called Kooks’ Alley by some for the large number of preachers and practitioners of various beliefs. For those interested in exploring the spiritual leanings of the Province, Temple Row is cultural tourism at its best. 

For those a little less spiritually inclined, Embry has a lot of interesting communities that offer distinct shopping opportunities. Visitors to the Uptown area will find a number of excellent shops. This part of town offers a selection of high-end wares like none other, with many local businesses opening their doors to visitors who want to make their own goods. With a horde of craftsmen and unique shop owners, if you can’t buy it in Embry, it can’t be bought! 

Off the beaten path, Lowtown may at first seem like a populated bevy of seedy little shanties, but for the bargain shopper, it’s a dream. If you can’t afford the prices uptown, the lowtown market is the place for you. Visitors should take caution to avoid the large piles of garbage in the streets, but that’s a small price to pay when goods are this cheap. 

For educational tourists, Embry is home to the Open Book Society in an area of town called the Ascent. Although some tourists have reported mixed feelings about this interesting group of people, many report them to be pleasant, friendly and very intriguing. 

For the scientifically minded, Embry has quite possibly one of the best-run LifeNet facilities in the whole Plateau. Tended by a darling older gentleman named Graham, the facility provides a great stopping place for those interested in DNA research and cloning.  

No stop to Embry would be complete without a little adventure. Embry Crossroads is home to Monster Hunts, run by the Bankers. If you’ve ever wanted to live the life of a true monster slayer, now is your chance! It’s free to join and free to watch, but locals may ask for minor donations for care and housing of the beasts before the battle. Big game hunters, put this on your must-do list! 

Another less-explored area of the Province is Trailer Park, a true hidden gem. You’re not likely to find a more colorful bunch of folks than the citizens of Trailer Park. The quirky residents love to talk to visitors, and will regale you with conspiracy theories and get-rich-quick schemes. They even make hats out of tinfoil! 

If you’re looking to tour some sludgeries, you won’t find nicer ones in the Province than in Trailer Park, which is home to not one, but TWO working sludgeries: Van Kirk’s Sludge Well and Galloway’s Sludgemastery. The sandy spackle-like sludge is prized for its industrial uses. If you’ve never seen sludge being dredged, it’s quite a sight. Crafters rave about Trailer Park’s wonderful sludge. 

Just a short trip away is Hoffa Bunker, reputed to be the underground bunker holding the remains and lost treasure of a pre-Fall celebrity named Jimmy Hoffa. Some tourists report problems with investigating the claims, as the Bunker is sometimes overrun with Throwbacks, an interesting local mutant variety. For the hardier travelers looking for adventure, or treasure hunters seeking fortune, the Hoffa Bunker is the place to be. 

If you haven’t gotten your fill of danger and excitement in Hoffa Bunker, just take a scenic trip to Murder Hole. Not for the faint of heart, there’s little to be said about Murder Hole other than its name. There’s nothing like open warfare to get your heart pumping, and that’s exactly the kind of adventure tourism Murder Hole provides. 

Representatives of all the major factions can be found in quaint camps surrounding the area. An industrious visitor can make a pretty penny here, but take care. While you’re hunting for resources, others may be hunting you! Serial killers, mass murderers or those simply interested in hunting the most dangerous game of all—Murder Hole is your home away from home. 

For these traveling adventures and many others, your getaway destination in the Grand Canyon Province is a short trip from home.  



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