Fallen Earth Fashion Guides - Dressing for the Apocalypse!

Fallen Earth has released a new fashion guide for some of the weapons, armor, and equipables available in the game! Like any apocalyptic wasteland outfit - they don't always match! Utility and function are the reasons for wearing gear in the Fallen Earth universe, mixing and matching gear to survive wins over color coordination. Product manager Jessica "Circatrix" Orr recently took time time out to talk about some of the weapons and armor available in Fallen Earth!

Dressing for the Apocalypse: What Not to Wear in the Wasteland
(with Product Manager for Fallen Earth, Jessica “Circatrix” Orr)

Whether you’re dressing for less or you have a lot of chips to blow, finding summer fashion for the Apocalypse is a cinch. As we’re struggling to beat the heat in North American summer, top fashion gurus in the Grand Canyon Province acknowledge that matching tops and coordinated accessories are so 2000. Instead, the well-equipped mutant will be sporting mismatched basics with a flair for the fantastic. We’ll review a few of the more trendy pieces and a few of the season’s “must-haves” for Fallen Earth.

Corkscrew: This tiny accessory is “killing me softly”-quality for any wasteland survivor. As a first level weapon with a purse-sized punch of nine points of damage per attack, this weapon could be easily classified as the most embarrassing way to die.

Glowing Edge Swords: Pervasive in all areas of culture, metallics and shimmer are in this season, especially with glowing swords. One model, used for the Lightbearer Acolyte’s Sword and the Lightbearer Messenger’s Sword, is slightly reminiscent of a katana and only available to fashionistas who are highly faction-oriented. Players who aggressively pursue these items can acquire them in Sectors Two and Three. Guaranteed, these rare but incredible two-handed designer finds will only be available for players with a bent for leveling and accomplishment.

Chaps: Now more popular with pants underneath, chaps donned by survivors in black or brown give fifth level attire that Southwestern wasteland feeling.

Glowing Mace: You guessed it. The sparkle is on—especially if you’re bedazzling your opponent with one of the five different Tech maces that players earn by progressing through the Tech faction. Ranging from the 25th level and beyond, the Tech mace is a one-handed weapon whose sparkle will make players wonder: “What the hell are the Techs up to in their research?” On the cheap-chic end, the Tech Student’s Mace and Tech Apprentice’s Mace are easier to come by. Top end designs belong with the Tech Journeyman’s Mace, the Tech Technician’s Mace and the Tech Master Technician’s Mace.

Top Hat: A 10th level armor item with a pretty typical spread of armor values, this dashing accessory tops off any mediocre ensemble.

Monocle: The smart look is sexy, and readily available for the newly-regenerated clone. One of the early Optics items in Fallen Earth, the eye piece offers no armor value, but improves the player’s Perception by 1 and adds smashing flair to any wasteland basics that might otherwise seem blasé.

Hide Pants: Coined by a fashion expert and game designer for Fallen Earth, hide pants are “a thing you wear, not a thing you do.” Stitched together from several unrelated hides, these 15th level pants, along with camouflage fatigues, gain street cred with the masses until they find other options available in places such as Park City.

Warlord Plate: Nothing to joke about, this piece of armor is out to make a statement. This high-end level armor will put the wearer comfortably over the game’s mitigation cap—in street terms, that’s “better armor than you could possibly need” at that level of the game. The stretch limo of fashion finds, this armor carries major Coordination penalties, but also provides a huge Melee Defense bonus. With the impression of bulk and strength from head-to-toe, this bolt-on has it goin’ on.

CHOTA Skull Maces: Emblazoned with a skull, these beauties are bad ass. Three different types of CHOTA maces are available to players through the CHOTA faction, ranging from 35th level and up. Named the CHOTA Anarchist’s Mace, the CHOTA Warrior’s Mace and the CHOTA Ravager’s Mace, they do due damage, and fashionably so.

Hub Cap Axe: Recycling is all the rage, and why not do it with weapons? Four axes found in Fallen Earth sport the recycled hub cap motif: the Junk Axe, the Crude War Axe, the Caddy Axe (short for “Cadillac,” a huge old-world car with class), and the War Axe. Ranging from 20th to 30th level, these sharpened hubcaps bolted to two-by-fours are proof of industrious players.

Pink Pistols: Though not readily available on a broad scale, these gems sport a pink grip and/or a pink barrel and can occasionally be seen on handguns and assault rifles.

Hazmat Suits: Crisis comes in all shapes and sizes but players in the Phoenix Gear survive in style and are protected from poisons, radiation, acid and disease. Not as restrictive as the Warlord Gear, the outfit sports a re-breather built into the chest piece and a helmet—an attractive, yet functional high-tech gas mask.

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