Fallen Earth Announces "Dev Hunt" Contest August 8th!



Fallen Earth is a new MMORPG that will allow players to enter a world ravaged by everything you'd expect in an apocalyptic wasteland! We had the pleasure of sitting down with the Fallen Earth team at E3 to take a look at the game and what they're working on to keep the game exciting. The developers have very strong feelings about making everything "real" and explaining things that appear in game with logical reasons as to why they're there. There is also tremendous focus on making the game adventurous and enjoyable to players - as seen in this recently announced contest!

Fallen Earth is going to host a "Dev Hunt" August 8th and allow players to win all kinds of cool prizes for logging in game and killing game developers! If you haven't registered for the beta yet make sure you head to and fill out a form by August 6th! Happy Hunting!

Here's the official "Dev Hunt" notice from Fallen Earth:

Kill Devs for Prizes

On Saturday, August 8, fans of Fallen Earth will have a unique opportunity to participate in a battle against the devs—with a unique twist. In “Dev Hunt,” scheduled from noon to 3 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), fans will play against devs for prizes including an Nvidia video card, Logitech gaming keyboard, Razer gaming mice and a ton of Fallen Earth swag.

Current testers and new testers are welcome for the event, and prizes will be awarded for randomly logging in during the contest window and for players who help kill the devs.

The contest begins in game at noon as players receive the location of the devs, who are scattered around the Grand Canyon Province. Devs will play at various levels, and players will receive points for participating in the fight. Bonuses will be granted to players if they’re present when the dev dies, and final point totals will be adjusted based on the player’s level (making it more beneficial to attack the devs of an appropriate level).

Fans who are not currently testers of Fallen Earth who wish to participate should visit to fill out a registration form. All registration entries must be received by Thursday, August 6, at 11 p.m. EDT (GMT-4). Fans can also check out the Dev Hunt FAQ on  


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