Italian site interviews Fallen Earth Devs


The Italian gaming site AlterEgo recently had an interview with the developers of Fallen Earth.

They start out with asking what Fallen Earth is all about, since frankly, not that many know a lot about Fallen Earth so far.

<font color="brown">"Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game that mixes first person shooter and role playing game style mechanics. It is set in the area around the Grand Canyon in the southwestern United States one hundred years after the fall of civilization, which was caused by the Shiva Virus. The Shiva Virus is a mutational virus that alters the DNA of those who get infected, creating a variety of mutations among the survivors, both human and beast."</font>

The developers continue by explaining what will make Fallen Earth diversify itself from other sci-fi MMORPGs on the market. Basically, to get equipment in FE, you have to scavenge items like rusted pipes, leather, football pads or whatever else you might come across. It's really a "true" post apocalyptic theme to the whole world and the system seems to be built around it. Quite interesting, I just wonder how well it'll work in reality.

Apparently the features of FE is done and the content is expected to be finished in a couple of months. On the subject of combat system, the FE developers explain that it's a mix of a FPS system with several RPG style elements. When the question of why there's only one race in the game, the dev's said that it didn't make much sense to have more, since FE is set in a not too distant future.

Furthermore, crafting and the faction system is covered, the level system as well, not to mention how the endgame is planned to be like. Continue over to AlterEgo to read the rest of the interview. The first part is in Italian, so scroll down to find the English version.


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