Todays Exteel Patch introduce Clan Mode

The Clan mode, new weapons, 7-day items and balancing are some of the things you can expect from todays Exteel patch.

The clan mode is quite extensive and there's also something called the Clan battle mode...

...Clan Battle mode is essentially Team Deathmatch, except instead of tallying points for kills and assists, you deduct points from the opposing team by killing opposing team members from a Clan Battle Life total. The size of the total depends on how big the team is when the match starts. Each team also has a light tower at their base that will take massive amounts of damage before being destroyed. A team that loses their tower will lose 30 points from their Clan Battle Life. The tower can be healed with rectifiers and both teams can see the tower’s health bar. Towers are also guarded by 4 drones that do not respawn.


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