EverQuest sheds its skin, finds new home on LaunchPad

For those of you that still play EverQuest(yes - I know you're out there - don't be shy), the game's patching process was changed this morning from the traditional patcher it's used since release some 8 years ago, to the Station LaunchPad - a multi-game platform SoE now incorporates into its game releases. It's a single patcher solution for every game they offer.

The switch over to the LaunchPad should be seamless for players, so simply log in to your EverQuest account like normal and it should download and run the LaunchPad.

To read more, head over to EQPlayers.


Welcome to the Station LaunchPad!

EverQuest is now officially on the Station LaunchPad. No game files were changed for this transition, however, here’s a helpful guide to learning your way around.

Why the change? One of the main benefits of having EverQuest on the LaunchPad is that the scans and downloads will be faster. However, please note that the first couple of times you log in the scan may be very slow because the LaunchPad has to build a new patch cache. Future runs will be VERY FAST!

Login Screen

This page allows you to explore options before logging in with your station account.

  • Update: Opens the Game Updates page from EQPlayers.
  • Latest News: Opens the main news page from EQPlayers.
  • My Account: Allows you to log into the Station to make changes on your station account, including adding subscriptions and updating your email address.
  • New Account: Allows you to log into the Station to create a new station account.
  • Support: Takes you to the customer support pages. Please remember that you never need to give an SOE employee your password.

Update Page

Once you log in, you’ll be directed to the update page. A scan of your game files will automatically be done and it will download any new files. Once the download is completed, the world Play will appear and the words Update Complete will appear below it.

On the right you’ll see a list of the Game Update Notes. On the left, you’ll see additional options that you can adjust.

  • My Account: Now that you have logged in, this option will automatically display information about your EverQuest subscription and give you options to make changes to it.
  • Game Options: This option will let you set up your video card, select which detailed character models you want displayed, and select engine settings based on your computer’s memory status. You do not need to make these changes unless you experience problems running the game.
  • Preferences: This allows you to enable Background Downloading. This will download files for future large publishes (such as a new expansion) in the background a little bit at a time while your machine is idle so you never have to wait for a huge patch on release day again.
  • Purchase Expansions: If you do not own all of the expansions, this option will take you to the Station Store page so that you can purchase them for download.
  • Full Scan: This option runs a full scan of your files to make sure that they are all updated.
  • Update Log: This displays a log of the files that are downloaded with the current update.
  • Upgrade Textures: This will upgrade the textures for some of the old world zones. This will result in approximately a 600MB download and the act is irreversible. You will only see this button if you currently do not have the upgraded version of the textures.

Play and Enjoy!

- The EverQuest Team


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