FoH forum-goers revisit EverQuest

The fine members of the FoH forum community have started a movement geared toward people returning to EQ. Granted, it's just a return to recapture some of that nostalgic feel, as Tuco puts it. He's the mastermind behind the excursion on the progression server - "The Combine," but everyone who has (and even those who haven't) played EverQuest would do well to take a look at the thread.

There are quite a few folks turning up to participate (including myself; I'll be leveling a necromancer named "Kody") in the leveling sessions, and the next one is on October 3rd. Worry not, though - the maximum level Tuco is requesting everyone to reach before the session is 10, so you can catch up fairly quickly by going through the EQ tutorial.

If you've ever thought about making a return to EverQuest, now is a great opportunity to do so, even if you're planning to stop at the point where the game "began to suck" - as so many ex-EQ players bluntly put it.

Head over to Tuco's forum thread to read more about this visit to the years of yore and maybe even toss your name into the hat as a participant!


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