March Madness

March Madness
Plane of Disease Alternate Ability Quest Challenges Even the Most Talented Warriors – Only a few adventurers have ever been able to earn their PoD ability…until now. If you are brave enough, and a level 60 player, try your luck with this quest. Do you have what it takes to get your Plane of Disease ability? Looking to Add a Little Class to Your Character? Some Caster and Healer Master Classes have reduced requirement. Check out the updated class mastery path and you may find you can further customize your character to greatness.
   * New Shadowknight abilities include the introduction of the new and improved Darkness line which allows you to mercilessly blind and damage your enemies.
   * Get to Master Class Faster if you are a Caster or Healer. Check out the updated class mastery path and you'll find a much faster path to greatness, but be careful, there is always a new challenge waiting ahead!
Check out all latest enhancements! The luck of the Irish has even transcended into Norrath as a special St. Patty's Day event comes to EQOA! To celebrate this holiday, we are bringing back the Luck Quest. Now players of all levels can earn double XP for 72 hours or death – whichever comes first…


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