Artists make it into annual digital art book, Expose 6


Artists working on EverQuest and EverQuest 2 have six of their pieces showcased in the well known EXPOSÉ 6 digital art book. I've always found artwork like this quite amazing and not being an artist myself, I can't even begin to imagine the effort put into art like this. Quite breathtaking and I respect artists so much for being able to come up with such visual eyecandy.

EXPOSÉ is known for showcasing the very finest digital art in many different fields, including games of course. There's also illustrations, television and 3D.

The Director of Artistic Development at Sony Online Entertainment, Joe Shoopack, is very happy with SOE's artistic talent and he feels it reflect nicely on the several pieces of art featured in the book. To quote him: “We are flattered that some of our art is being viewed as some of the world’s best,”.

Several thousands of entries were sent in to get reviewed, with all artists hoping to get chosen. The committee that review and chose the art all have professional backgrounds in a variety of fields and it's an impressive feat to see Sony Online Entertainment get six of their artworks picked.

The co-publisher of Ballistic Media is very pleased that SOE allow their artists to promote their, as he say, amazing work. If you're curious about art and would like to get your hands of this book, you can order EXPOSÉ 6 online here. Alternatively you could buy it in a retail store, you can find all locations here.

The six pieces selected for EXPOSÉ 6 are:

Full press release

Having played a lot of EverQuest when I was younger (a good 5 years) I use to follow the amazing mysterious lore that kept players curious. There were many unsolved mysteries and one of the biggest one was regarding a vampire named Mayong Mistmoore. He had his very own castle and during beta he use to appear randomly and killed all of brave adventurers that ventured too deep inside his castle. There were also GM events held where Mayong appeared and some were given a special title and what not. Sadly, the whole myth and story surrounding Mayong did not get revealed until much much later..

..After my time, they introduced Mayong Mistmoore with updated graphics as a raid boss and to be honest, I followed all the raids by visiting different guild websites, but I couldn't find the lore around it. I'm hoping more was shared and all those players hungry for some information, finally got some.

Now you might ask, "what's the need for this semi-long story", well I wanted to share with you dear reader some of the mysteries behind this vampire, since he's showcased in EXPOSÉ 6. Derek Herring is the artist and he made an excellent piece of art showing Mayong Mistmoore in all his glory. Bloody glory, that is.

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