EQ2 Leveling Curve Changes

With the next Game Update for EverQuest II, SOE is planning to make a very substantial change to the experience curve in the game -- targeted at smoothing out and easing progression into the higher levels.  While there have been tweaks in the past, Ilucide suggests these will be significant in nature.  To that end, he took some time to explain the changes in detail over on the EQ2 forums.

Why are we making this change?

Quite simply, we want people to have a better play experience. When you think about levelling through a 10 level spread when we do a level cap raise, there are a lot of other players around. The game feels really alive, and vibrant, because you've got people around you making your experience different every time you log in. Now look at levelling alts, especially in the 20-70 range. It's a completely different experience, especially if you don't have a few friends doing the same thing with you. What we want to do is to get new players into the game faster, give them a better experience while they're levelling up, and at the same time, give some of you folks who've been with us for a long time a chance to level up new characters without spending forever doing it. More on this later. This change to the level curve should also help veteran players choose which content they want to play through rather than always playing the same levelling path every time you create a new character.

He goes on to discuss the specifics.  They aren't touching the 1-20 and 70-80 experiences, but the overall time to level from 1 to 70 is being decreased from an average of 164 hours to 100.  That's nearly three full days worth of played time cut off of the leveling process to get to the latest expansion's content, which is definitely fairly significant.

That's not all coming for experience gain, though.  In Game Update 50 SOE will introduce a feature called "Experience Bonus Unlocks" which enables a 10% experience gain bonus for every character you have at the current max level, for all characters on your account.  The bonus will stack for every character you have, up to a maximum of 50%.

To read more about the changes to experience gain, visit Ilucide's Experience Changes post on the official EverQuest II forums.


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