EVE Online to Release Retribution Expansion This Winter

CCP Games, to the joy of EVE Online fans everywhere, has announced the 18th free expansion to the long-running sci-fi MMO.  Following the massively successful Crucible and Inferno expansions, Retribution will shake the very core of the limitless game universe as it rockets towards an unprecedented 10th anniversary year with more players than ever before.

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"This is the perfect followup to a recent series of well-received expansions in which we've put even more control over the game universe in the hands of our players," said Jon Lander, EVE Online's Executive Producer. "Limitless human conflict and real consequences for your actions: sounds like a compelling dramatic setting to me."

Indeed, complete reworks of the Bounty and Crime Watch systems are going to allow players to finally exact revenge by placing bounties on individuals, corporations, and alliances.  Being able to put a price on your enemies' heads is surely going to stir things up a bit!

In the sandbox that is EVE Online, all player actions, no matter how subtle or bold, always have an impact - here are some of the features you can expect in Retribution:

Bounty Hunting

The immortal elite of the EVE universe live by a unique set of laws. It is not uncommon for some to find the decisions of the law lacking in appropriate justice. The bounty hunting system has been recreated to offer means for every EVE pilot seeking redress beyond what they or CONCORD can or will administer.


EVE Online offers freedom of choice. Choose to protect. Choose to build. Choose to destroy. Choose to subjugate others. Crimewatch makes these choices more meaningful by providing consequences. Crimewatch increases the visibility of the choices a pilot has made, so that others can choose to act or react accordingly.

Freedom of choice is not limited by Crimewatch, freedom from consequence is.

New Ships, New Roles

New pilots have a solid mining frigate available to them, with better yield and ore capacity to give them a competitive edge. Small craft combatants also have new selections to choose from, sporting new tech on board to prepare for the wars to come.

Additional updates include an overhaul of frigate-class ships to offer more choice and specialization, and a range of upgraded textures across the remaining sub-capital ships from CONCORD to Sansha's Nation.

EVE Online is a player-driven, persistent-world space MMORPG.  In this science fiction universe, you can pilot endlessly customizable ships through a massive galaxy containing over 7,500 star systems.  Interact with others through professions and activities like mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, or battle against and with each other in a variety of PvE and PvP environments!

Head to to read up on all aspects of the content and changes featured in Retribution,


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