EVE Online Developer Blog Discusses Ship Progression Updates

CCP has posted a nice new blog entry that discusses the changes that will be coming to EVE Online's current ship progression. As CCP puts it, the system has been subtly tweaked so many times over the past couple years that they now find themselves in need of a full overhaul to get things to where they want them to be.

Quote from
Tweak things a little up, down, right, left and right again, then notice you are two years into the future and are now faced with a system that is in dire need of an overhaul. Identifying roots that need to be plucked out and preparing the soil for healthy balancing is a daunting task, but we now estimate to be in a proper position to give you a glimpse of things to come.

The first overhaul we are considering is to clean ship progression and skill requirements.

 The overhaul is detailed in the new ship progression which can be found in the image above (click to enlarge). The full details of what CCP is planning with the ship progression overhaul is incredibly in-depth and we encourage you to take a look for yourself at!


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