CCP and Nexon Team Up To Bring EVE Online to Japan on March 28th!

CCP and Nexon have announced an exciting partnership that will see CCP's popular MMO EVE Online launched in Japan. The game is set to go live in Japan on March 28th, exciting news for Japanese MMO fans.

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Japanese players will now be able to access EVE Online in their native language, playing alongside hundreds of thousands of fellow gamers from around the world who share the single-shard EVE Online universe hosted on CCP’s Tranquility server. CCP will continue development of the game itself and handle gameplay related customer support, while Nexon will manage all billing needs, along with local marketing and PR services to drive player growth within the region.

 "For years we’ve looked forward to the day when we could bring a fully Japanese EVE experience to our loyal and enthusiastic audience in Japan," says CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson. "Thanks to our partnership with Nexon, that day is about to arrive. Nexon’s solid reputation and enormous reach in the region makes them the ideal partner for our Japanese launch."

With DUST 514 also on the horizon, the future is looking brighter than ever for CCP and EVE Online.


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