EVE Online Reforged With Crucible Expansion, Live Now

CCP has launched the latest expansion for EVE Online, dubbed EVE Online: Crucible. The expansion, which is live now, is said to 'reforge' EVE Online.

This is definitely a big update, featuring improvements, fixes and changes to many of the game's core systems. Some of the more notable updates include:

  • Stunning new visuals have been added to EVE Online. New nebulas throughout space will now provide players with a feeling of real immersion and allow for a better sense of scale and location in the universe. As a result of these new vistas, we have adjusted every stargate on Tranquility to align correctly to their destinations allowing for players to experience a graceful transition while piloting.
  • Star fields have been greatly enhanced to provide a more immersive feeling of being in space.
  • Time Dilation; In an effort to keep tremendously large fleet engagements fun, the universe will slow down time in order to keep up with the strain of simulating many hundreds of ships. More on that here.
  • New Captains Quarters have been added for the Amarr, Caldari and Gallente.
  • Player owned Customs Offices will be introduced to Planetary Interaction. This new feature allows players to make planetary taxation a profitable business. 
There are so many new features, enhancements to current features, changes, tweaks and updates that it is impossible to try and properly summarize this expansion. We highly recommend reading the Crucible patch notes to see the full list of changes.
EVE Online is currently down while the expansion, which is free of charge, goes live on servers. Visit for more information on the Crucible expansion.


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