Now available on Steam

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Since a couple of days ago EVE Online: Trinity can be bought on Steam. The cost is $14.95 and one month game time is included.

If you rather try it out for free, there's a 21 days trial available.

EVE Online: Trinity is a Sci-Fi MMORPG like no other you’ve ever encountered. As human settlers began to explore the cold, unknown reaches of space, they discovered an uncharted wormhole that led to an exotic and unclaimed sector of space. The celestial portal led these explorers to a galaxy they dubbed “New Eden.” Rich in resources, New Eden was assaulted by throngs of greedy pilots, fanatical sects of hell-bent fugitives, and mega-corporations; each hoping to stake their claims against the other. The golden age was short-lived. Millions flourished in wealth, and millions more died after the heavenly anomaly collapsed, severing one side from the other. A dark age fell upon New Eden for thousands of years, until four nations rose from the ashes of Earth’s forgotten legacy.


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