Factional Warfare Guide


CCP Games posted a fresh article about the new "Factional Warfare" in EVE Online.

FW brings war to New Eden by launching open conflict between the four main epires of EVE. You can now as a player enlist and fight for your empire to gain ranks, obtain faction ships which are unique and also compare their performance with other pilots.

Main points of the Faction Warfare are:

  • Sign-up Page
  • Sign-up Process
  • Battlefield Intelligence Page
  • Effects of Joining Factional Warfare
  • Player Aggression in Factional Warfare
  • Empire Navy Forces
  • Leaving Factional Warfare
  • Combat Zones
  • FW Missions
  • FW Dungeons
  • Control Bunker
  • Occupancy and Territory Control
  • Standing Mechanics
  • Ranks

Find out the details about Factional Warfare in the new in-depth guide over at the official EVE Online website.


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