Eudemons Online's Screenshot Contest

When you are enjoying the sweet time of Valentine`s Day in Eudemons Online, it is always a good idea to take a screenshot for the romantic moment. What is more for the screenshots? Now, simply submit a unique and original Eudemons Online screenshot at the contest submission page. If your screenshots get the most votes, you will get super rewards.

Duration: From Feb 12 to Feb 28, 2007

The prizes for the Top 24 voted Screenshots: 1st Prize: New Eudemons: WarriorLulu & MageDodo 2nd to 3rd Prizes: New Clothes: GoldenWings & SilverWings 4th to 6th Prizes: Mount A 7th to 10th Prizes: Mount B 11th to 14th Prizes: RoseLovebird (Male & Female) 15th to 20th Prizes: 5 Red Stones 21st to 24th Prizes: 99Rose *2

Rules of Contest:

1. The screenshots should be Valentine themed. 2. Please submit your screenshots during Feb 12 to Feb 28, 2007. 3. Please provide the correct server name and character name on the submission page. Otherwise you may not get the prize. 4. If there is the same screenshot in the contest, we will take the first submission. 5. To view the screenshots or cast your votes, please go to the screenshot contest page.

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