Patch 1063 has been Released

We are happy to announce that patch 1063 will be released on Jun 12, 2007 at 19:00 PDT (GMT-7). With this patch, you can enjoy the new features as below:

1. Legion

1) Leader Secretaries If you are a legion leader, you are eligible to promote your faithful members to Leader Secretaries, no character level or contribution required. The only requirement is that you have faith in them. The higher level your legion reaches, the more secretaries you can promote. The leader secretaries are allowed to share 50% legion potency. Details.

2) Rose Captains The ladies who have won the most roses can be rewarded with the position of Rose Captain. All Rose Captains are eligible to share 70% legion potency. Details.

2. Batch Hatcher If you are level 50 or above, you can access batch hatcher to batch-hatch the eudemon eggs of the same type, purchase the eggs, identify and compare the eudemons, even more, you can convert the eudemons into eggs. Details will be released very soon.

3.Hairstyles and Avatars Have to travel a long journey to purchase a hairstyle or avatar from the market. It is too troublesome? Now all troubles have gone with the wind. From now on, you just need to open your Character status window and click the icon above your avatar, then select Hair or Avatar icon to choose the desired hairstyle or avatar.

4.Family War 1) Bonus exp for all members All family members are allowed to claim a certain character exp for winning a family war. The higher the character level, the more exp can be claimed.

2) Bonus exp for continuous occupation If your family has occupied a map for 7 days and even longer, all members of your family are eligible to claim the bonus exp.

3) Rare items for continuous occupation These rewards are still not enough for you? You must feel satisfied with the prizes. Do not know where to claim your exp and rare items. just visit the local reporter. Details here.

5.Upgrade Mentor Level Now mentors can spend some mentor exp to upgrade the mentor level. The higher your mentor level, the more apprentices and exp you can have. Shelley (Cronus 283,420) is in charge of all mentor affairs. Visit her for the details.

6. Leave a message to non-friend player Have met a person and fallen in love with her/him at the first sight. It is a pity that he/she has gone away before you have a chance to chat with him/her? Do not feel desperate. Leave a message to let him/her know your feeling.

How? Just enter his/her name in chat target box and select the Whisper channel, enter your words in message box and press Enter button, the system will ask you to confirm, click Yes and then Send. He/she will receive your message at login.

7. Shopping Mall (Market 284,470) Hellfire Pike and Storm Soul are availabe for selling now.Each costs 9 Eps


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