Empire of Sports Enters Closed Beta

Empire of Sports -- Basketball

For players sick of fantasy MMOs, Infront Sports & Media and F4 -- a French video game developer -- may have just the cure. As of today, Empire of Sports has entered Closed Beta. As a game designed entirely around players participating in athletic events such as tennis, basketball, skiing, bobsleigh, track & field, and with soccer coming soon -- Empire of Sports promises a new form of entertainment never-before-seen in the MMO genre.

Players will be able to compete in tournaments, customize their avatar and property with in-game items, travel between the various cities that hold sporting events, meet virtual coaches, and join virtual sports societies -- all on their way to becoming the most renowned virtual athlete in the world.

Empire of Sports -- Tennis

“Forget fighting against orcs, elves and wizards; Empire of Sports delivers the most exciting player versus player action of any massively multiplayer online game,” says Christian Mueller, managing director, Empire of Sports. “With team and individual sports to take part in, advanced social networking and a delicate exercise and nutritional balance, Empire of Sports is the game which will redefine how players interact, offering some the chance to be recognised as the very best virtual athletes in the world.”

Empire of Sports is set to launch in early 2008, so if the game piques your interest, then head over to their website to find out more. They're taking beta applications as well, so don't forget to sign up!


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