Bug Hunt Event Details

Last week HappyMMO simultaneously announced Elf Online's Closed Beta and a special Bug Hunt Event, in which HappyMMO promised to reward the players who reported the most bugs during the event.

We received a press release with the details, but here's a quick recap. Participating in the event is simple, just send in a bug report email with a description of the bug, including all of the following:

Location in Game (if necessary):
Special items needed:
NPC Related:
System Specs (OS, Processor, Video Card, RAM):
Your Location:
Internet Service Provider:
Internet Connection Speed:
Other Details:
Screenshot: (You can press Print Screen to take a screenshot.)

The player who submits the most bugs will win their very own IPhone; Apple's hi-tech cell phone which doubles as an IPod, with additional features.

While there's only one IPhone to win, there are other prizes for players who participate. The "Second Place" prize will go out to ten players: ten-thousand (10,000) Elf Online Item Mall Points. "Third Place" will be rewarded to thirty players: five-thousand (5,000) Elf Online Item Mall Points.

To find out more about the Bug Hunt Event, including the Rules and Regulations, head over to the Elf Online Bug Hunt press release.


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