Eden Eternal Receives Content Update & Trailer

Aeria Games has announced that new content is now released for popular free-to-play MMORPG Eden Eternal today.  Included in this update are the following changes:

  • New Level 61-65 Maps:  Amazing new areas including the Witchcraft Forest and Shiver Peak for players to forge through new landmarks in pursuit of wealth and adventure.
  • New Level 61-65 Dungeons:  Epic dungeons full of new dangerous monsters for players to battle, secrets to discover and powerful gear to loot and equip.
  • Level Cap Raised to 65:  Explore the new maps and dungeons while a little more beefy!
  • Ranger Class Added:  An agile warrior whose deadly aim can easily disable opponents from a distance. With a fury of high DPS ranged attacks at its disposal, including the Meteor Shower and the Arrow of Fear, this powerful class can stealthily take out its opponents from afar by bow, artillery gun or even eagle. The Ranger class’s unique ability to summon the assistance of the mighty Hunters eagle makes it a lethal new addition to the Eden Eternal universe.
  • PvP Enhancements Added:  The 3v3 Matchmaking system has been refined to more effectively pair players with others in their level range. By creating a more balanced, intensive match, players have access to an even-footed arena experience to prove their strength in PVP combat.

Featuring several unlockable classes which players can change into at will, Eden Eternal is a unique and colorful experience.  Eye-popping cel-shaded graphics complement the universe's playful creatures and encounters, and a full gamut of basic MMORPG elements completes the effect.  Guild towns, character and clothing customization, powerful skills, social elements and more are all part of the EE world.

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The player has been found trapped inside of a blue crystal and has no memory of anything that has happened to them before being found. Throughout the game, this person, also known as a "Crystal Child", will try to look for clues about what has happened to them and the recent troubles that have been appearing around populated areas.

Eden Eternal is free to download and play - learn more by visiting


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