News to Implement Global Access Service to All in MMO War Series announced today at E3 that they will be combining all titles in their MMO war series under a single, worldwide service.  The Service is scheduled for release later this year, and will include their hit arnored warfare MMO World of Tanks, flight combat action MMO World of Warplanes, and the in-development World of Battleships.  Features include:

  • One Destination: The portal will give gamers one-stop access to all three titles and showcase a world at war - whether they are playing with Tanks, Warplanes or Battleships.
  • Common Economics: The introduction of common economics for the three titles allows players to transfer Gold and Free Experience between them.
  • Single MMO Battle Realm: Tank, Warplane, and Battleship clans will be assisting each other in their ground, air and sea attacks for world domination.
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"Wargaming always strives for excellence in generating intense and action-filled global online battles for gamers," said Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi. "With the introduction of Service, we will deliver an advanced gaming experience that gives gamers a world stage for their preferred war scenario."

World of Tanks is a  free-to-play armored warfare MMO by with highly customizable and flexible gameplay.  Upgrade and develop authentic vehicles, and try tons of weapons.  Each unit type has strengths and weaknesses, and in the right hands can help to make or break team objectives.

In World of Warplanes, players will participate in a massively multiplayer flight combat action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation.  The armored warfare theme previously seen in World of Tanks is continued, but escalated to a new level with full-scale in-game virtual pilot careers spanning from 1930's biplanes to Korean War jet fighters.

World of Battleships is a free-to-play naval action MMO that shifts players to the territory of 20th century warships.  Different ship classes with their strengths and weaknesses are making a return in classic fashion, and players will be able to dive into massive naval battles and tame the overwhelming power of multiton titans to conquer the seas!

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