DUST 514 Keynote Recap!

Over at another Fanfest update has been posted - Here's what they had to say:

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A packed auditorium of 1,800 EVE players and gaming press, 7000 EVETV viewers, and several thousand PShome viewers were just treated to a DUST 514 demo and presentation live from Harpa, Iceland's newest venue. Hilmir, CCP Atli and CCP Praetorian gave us a lot of information to digest, so here is a brief summary of what we have learned so far:
  • There is a Merc Quarter similar to EVE Captain's quarters where everything is
  • Character sheet displaying everything about your character just like in EVE
  • Skill system is very similar to EVE, although as well as passive skilling you will also have active skilling.
  • Battle finder is easy way to jump into the game - devs joined a battle that was already set up
  • You can also be invited to a battle by a friend, by a corporation member or you can find your own battles by using various filters including star system filters
  • There is lobby before a match where people can prepare for battle and talk about strategies with each other before the actual battle starts
  • Dropsuit fitting is available also in lobby, and you can also set your fits there as well for your vehicles
  • Market is available also there where you can instanatly purchase things

More findings are listed at the full article - be sure to check it out and continue to tune into for more fanfest and DUST 514 news and discussion!


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