EVE Fanfest 2012 Panelists List Released

Tweeted recently, the list of panelists for all Keynote presentations at EVE Fanfest 2012 has been released. Follow them all on Twitter as the list contains their twitter names and stay up-to-date with them! 

In addition, the EVETV crew will be streaming major announcements and tons of other content for FREE, straight from the EVE Fanfest convention floor.

Tune in beginning 12:45 GMT here

EVE TV Schedule link

Fanfest Schedule link

Events not to be missed are Thursday's DUST 514 Keynote (begins at 17:00 GMT), Friday's EVE Online Keynote (begins at 15:30 GMT), and Saturday's CCP Presents Keynote (begins at 17:00 GMT). The Party at the Top of the World ends the broadcast and the convention late into Saturday night.

Tune into for more fanfest and DUST 514 news and discussion!


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