CCP Reveals More Connection Between EVE Online and DUST 514

CCP recently sat down for an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun in which they discussed some more details on the connection between EVE Online and their upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter, DUST 514.

In terms of how EVE players communicate with DUST 514 players, CCP detailed two methods that are already set in motion. Evegate is a social networking tool that is set in the game universe, which will ultimately allow players of both games to chat. At this stage in development, text chat between both games is already in place but CCP would like to incorporate voice chat into Evegate as well.

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[DUST 514] wasn't deliberately designed to be a marketing vehicle for Eve, but if you release a shooter of this quality on the Playstation network with its tens of millions of people who are very familiar with Battlefield and Call of Duty and other great shooters, and you put it out there as a free-to-play game then you will get a huge response, which will generate huge excitement for the Eve universe.

So, yes, I fully expect that one of the ancillary benefits of launching of Dust will be tremendous “Marketing-esque”, I’ll put that in quotes, exposure. A reminder that, if you took a break from Eve or even if you’ve been continually playing it, you’re going to need to experience what this new facet is.

It’s such a groundbreaking thing, to combine a FPS with this Sci-Fi MMORPG … it wasn’t intended to be a marketing moment, but it absolutely will be."

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