EVE Online Players Can Now Register For DUST 514's Beta

CCP has announced that registration for their PS3-exclusive persistent first-person shooter DUST 514 are now open. But, there's a catch. As of now, the beta registration is only available for EVE Online players which makes sense, as DUST 514 shares the same persistent game world.

From CCP's blog entry:

For months we have observed as fans asked for a Beta date on DUST 514, our PlayStation® 3 exclusive persistent shooter. During that time the DUST 514 team has worked busily on the game, preparing for the moment when the first inhabitants of New Eden descend from the skies to the planets below.

That time is now.

It is with great joy that I can now officially announce that registration for DUST 514: Mordu’s Private Trials, our gated access beta test, has finally begun!

For now, registration is available exclusively to active subscribers of EVE Online who will join the pool of participants that we will be using to allow entry into early testing and special events for DUST 514. Registration for Mordu’s Private Trials does not guarantee entry, but as an active EVE subscriber, you are the first to have access to sign up for the closed beta.

We’re hugely excited to be able to extend this exclusive opportunity to our player community.

To get started, simply visit and follow the instructions in the post!


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