Exploring The Weapons of DUST 514

CCP, the developer of the massively popular EVE Online and the upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter Dust 514 have posted a brand new blog entry on the official PlayStation Blog, discussing the game's incredibly powerful weapons.

DUST 514, as you may know, takes place in the very same persistent game world as EVE Online. CCP recently discussed the vehicle mechanics in DUST 514 on the PlayStation Blog, but today's post is all about weapons. Take a look at a snippet below:

The handheld weapons are a key part of any MMOFPS and DUST 514 is no exception. There were a few things that were very important to us.

Firstly, we wanted to avoid the feeling of “Vietnam in space” that you sometimes see in sci-fi games. The goal was to create weapons that had recognizable roles but used more advanced technologies than the equivalent weapons of today. The power of these guns would tear apart a modern day battlefield. In DUST 514 the only way your mercenary can survive the power of these weapons is due to the advanced shielding and armor of the dropsuits they wear. Without them, simply firing these weapons would severely injure or even kill you!

Secondly, it was important to us that the weapons felt like a natural part of the EVE universe. In the same way that the ships in EVE have distinct racial designs and specialties, the weapons of DUST 514 had to encapsulate the values and technology of the race that created them. The ruthless efficiency of the Caldari, the progressive aesthetics of the Gallente, the resilience and resourcefulness of the Minmatar as well as the proud arrogance of the Amarr Empire. All of this had to be communicated through the design of the weaponry; the different styles should be evident when you look at the three examples below.

What we didn’t want to do though, was to limit players to the use of one racial type. After all, you are a mercenary, so you use what works best for the job at hand. This way players are able to use a variety of different weapons to find what suits them best, regardless of its origin. Players are able to use different classes of weapon in different load outs so that they can make meaningful tactical choices and can respond to changing situations on the field of battle. There are three basic weapon classes, light, heavy and sidearm...

The post, written by DUST 514 Community Manager Phil Wang, goes on to discuss the three classes of weapons as mentioned above; Light, Heavy and Sidearms. The weapons look incredible and we really can't wait to get in on the game as soon as we have official word on beta.

Be sure to visit the full blog post to learn more about the weapons of DUST 514, and check out for more information on the game in general.



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