CCP Discusses Vehicle Dynamics in DUST 514

CCP has been reasonably quiet in regards to DUST 514, but you may remember the game from its debut back at E3. The game is looking to revolutionize the way players connect to the game world. DUST 514 is a shooter that will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3 and will feature a persistent game world. Not just any game world, of course, DUST 514 is set in the very same thriving universe as EVE Online on PC.

Looking past the excitement of the EVE integration, one of the things we're really excited to check out are the vehicles in game. CCP has posted a blog update on the PlayStation Blog discussing those very same vehicles. Check out an excerpt below:

Vehicle classes in DUST 514 resemble modern day battlefield armored vehicles but are more menacing…and multitudes more lethal. You can also customize the vehicles with weapons and modules to ensure highly dynamic and constantly evolving gameplay where no single vehicle can impose absolute supremacy. The ultimate goal is to create an experience where players make meaningful choices based on their surroundings and situations when deploying vehicles.

Vehicle Customization

Vehicles are highly customizable; these units can be fitted with a broad arsenal of armaments, bolstered by modules that can be installed to apply bonuses and abilities to further enhance a vehicle’s combat effectiveness.

Players will be able to choose arms from all the familiar EVE Online weapon classes, from energy-based laser weapons, blaster and rail cannon hybrid technology to traditional projectile and missile weaponry. Each of these weapon types are divided over racial factions, having an affinity towards vehicle hulls from similar origins. Vehicles like the Caldari heavy attack Vehicle (HAV) for example, are well suited to using technologies embraced by the Caldari, such as their powerful armor-rupturing railgun cannons. This is not to say that this is the de facto weapon choice for the Caldari HAV. Players will have to weigh out their combat strategy, determining what style of weapon will appeal to their play style and the demands to be met for battle at hand. If there is a perceived aerial threat, players may choose to swap out their main turret mount for a large bank of guided heavy missiles to pluck their enemy’s dropships from the sky.

Add to this the power of vehicle modules onboard and a carefully tailored vehicle can truly be a force to be reckoned with...

Fans of EVE Online or those looking forward to DUST 514 will definitely want to check out the full entry on the PlayStation Blog, and be sure to visit for more information on the game.


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