DDO's Capstone Raid Screenshots Released

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released eight new screenshots featuring Menace of the Underdark's Capstone Raid.  This 12-person endgame raid concludes the new storyline launched with the expansion, with level 25 players teaming up to face Lolth herself in the Demonweb.

Gallery: Capstone Raid

Other content featured in Menace of the Underdark includes:

Ø  Three New Forgotten Realms Adventure Packs -- Featuring a multitude of epic adventures, unprecedented new wilderness areas with challenging objectives, a host of dungeons, and more!

  • The King’s Forest:  Explore deep into the King’s Forest and defend the village of Eveningstar from Lolth’s Drow legions.
  • The Underdark:  Venture down into the Underdark and confront Lolth’s elite followers in the Drow city of Sschindlyryn.
  • The Demonweb:  Journey to Lolth’s home plane, battle demon hordes and confront the spider goddess herself as you attempt to stop her scheme.

Ø  Attain Epic levels to 25!   -- Deadly battles and high-speed action continue as your advance your character to the Epic level 25! 
Ø  Introducing Epic Destinies -- Attain epic enhancements as you progress through levels 20-25!
Ø  The Druid Class:  Wield nature’s magic or transform into a powerful animal form as you play the all new shape-shifting Druid class!
Ø  Eveningstar Challenge Pack:  New challenge quests for levels 15-25!

The recently released Menace of the Underdark takes DDO players head-on into the famous and vast subterranean world, the Underdark!  If you haven't tried DDO yet, it's free to play with an optional pricing model that allows players to purchase adventure packs, items, and account services a la carte from the game's store, or to subscribe for unlimited content access.  

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