Summoner Hero Class Joins the Dungeon Defenders Team

Trendy Entertainment has announced that the latest hero class is now available for Dungeon Defenders on PC and Mac!  The Summoner's specialty is unit management:  Instead of placing defenses, he instead calls upon his own personal army to protect the Crystals!  These minions are controllabile via the Overlord Mode from a top-down RTS-style perspective.  He also has two pets!

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A mysterious visitor from the Crystalline dimension, the Summoner has decided to wage his own war across Etheria! With two pets by his side, the Summoner can form minions out of sentient crystal and build an army to follow his every command!

Key Features:
• Play Dungeon Defenders like an RTS, summoning and controlling your own minions
• Use Overlord Mode to supervise your army from a top-down perspective
• Issue a variety of commands to control your troops-
• Equip two pets simultaneously
• Levitate for up to 15 seconds

• Phase Shift: Move your ghostly avatar around the physical realm while remaining immaterial and unseen by enemies.
• Flash Heal: Cast a spell which instantly heals all allied units and defenses within a radius.

The Summoner is available on Steam for $3.99!   Everything you want to know about Dungeon Defenders can be found at their official site,

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