Dungeon Defenders Etherian Holiday Extravaganza

Trendy Entertainment has released another brand new DLC offering for Dungeon Defenders, this time celebrating Christmas  in true orc- and goblin-slaying fashion.

The Etherian Holiday Extravaganza follows hot on the heels of Trendy's popular Thanksgiving DLC, and offers:

  • 4 brand-new, holiday-themed character skins for the Apprentice, Monk, Squire and Huntress
  • 4 all-new, holiday-themed weapons for the Apprentice, Monk, Squire and Huntress
  • A new Holiday mission where you must deliver Christmas presents to random locations and defend them, ending in an epic boss fight with the evil Mega Snowman!
  • Dungeon Defenders will also be on sale for a whopping 50% off from today all the way through Monday, January 2!
Check out the trailer above and be sure to stop by for more information on Dungeon Defenders.


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