Dragon's Prophet Launches in Europe and North America

Infernum and Sony Online Entertainment have announced the launch of Dragon's Prophet in European and North American territories! 

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“At last the Day of the Prophet is finally here! Even though it’s always special to release a new game, MMORPGs play on a different level. Thanks to the help of our enthusiastic community as well as the tireless work of the developer, Auratia, the home of Dragon’s Prophet now shines brighter than ever before”, said Kristian Metzger, Director Product Management at Infernum. “Since the start of Open Beta in May, many thrilling features as well as new content packages have been added to the game while existing systems have been drastically improved. The 100+ pages full of patch notes are a testament of these efforts. Now Dragon’s Prophet offers everything an enthusiast of fantasy games could wish for. An engaging combat system, epic guild battles, challenging dungeons as well more than 300 mighty dragons; the best kind of companions you could imagine!”

“Dragon’s Prophet combines an insane variety of powerful and majestic dragons with an action-based combat and end-game siege system to create one of the most unique gaming experiences for fantasy MMO enthusiasts,” said Todd Carson, Senior Producer of Dragon’s Prophet. “We know players are eager and ready for action and launch brings many exciting developments from Open Beta, including new dungeons, a level cap increase, a revamped Starting Zone, World Boss and the much-anticipated Frontier System.”

Haven't heard about Dragon's Prophet yet? This new fantasy MMO has players capturing, training, and riding dragons in the land of Auratia.

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For thousands of years, ancient dragons have struggled in epic wars to dominate Auratia. These wars have threatened to plunge the realm into chaos. Now, an even greater danger emerges, threatening the very existence of the realm.

Some features you'll enjoy:

  • Dragons everywhere: Fly and fight with your own dragons after having captured and tamed them. Train them to be valuable companions in combat and ride them across the lush game world. More than 300 different dragons await you, each with their own habits and unique skillsets.
  • Deep Character Development: An extensive class and skill system allows for a broad spectrum of possibilities and a wide variety of individual combinations. Customize your own skillsets and develop your build around your personal playstyle.
  • Action-Based Combat: Prepare yourself for a fluid action-based combat system that features dynamic auto-targeting and aerial combat. Don’t just stand there! Attack, block and evade while utilizing skill combos in new and inspiring ways.
  • A Living Fantasy World: Experience a wide open and immersive fantasy world with awe-inspiring landscapes, bustling cities, epic encounters, over 1,000 quests in the Open Beta and a dynamic weather system. Venture into extensive story- and adventure-driven dungeons with up to three difficulty levels – together with a party of friends, your guild, raid group or on your own.
  • Master Your Craft: Harness a sophisticated crafting system to create epic gear. Improve your equipment and stats as well as those of your dragons. Become a weaponsmith, alchemist, tinkerer, armorsmith, cook or carpenter. Master your profession by using rare resources and unique ingredients!
  • Claim your Land: ... and build your home. Choose your location wisely and team up with your friends or guild to form a village. Customize your home in numerous ways: from the style of the house to the furniture inside. Whose home will be the most glorious?
  • Fight for Territories: Battle for domination of the frontiers! Garrison castles, rule the land and raise taxes to secure income and further control of the frontier. Invest in military to protect your realm and build urban infrastructure to attract more inhabitants. Reign wisely or ruthlessly – how you choose to govern a frontier is up to you. But be warned, you need a strong army to dominate these lands.

More is planned post-launch, including additional dragon commands, huge raids, more regions and instanced content, mini-games, and oodles more that is outlined on the official game sites. Visit or to download and play for free.

Have you tried the game yet? Let us know how you liked it in the comments below!


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