Dragon Age: Origins New Trailer And Hand-On Impressions!

Dragon Age: Origins was released last week and we've had enough time to put together a list of features and give readers a sense of the world they'd be a part of in Dragon Age. Dragon Age was developed by BioWare, one of the best RPG development companies in the world, and they've pulled out all the stops! They're also supporting the game with downloadable content for at least two years.

Dragon Age is in stores now after releasing November 3rd. They've launched a new trailer and have begun releasing some of the first downloadable content for the game! Here's a look at the release trailer:

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Here's some of the information we've put together on Dragon Age:

Dragon Age Background

Dragon Age is the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, and the intensity from that game is carried over and amplified in this title. In the game you play a Grey Warden, one of the last members of an ancient order that has guarded the world from the horrific Blight for centuries. The Blight is a terrible evil that destroys everything it comes in contact with, and your battles in game with them are like nothing you've ever seen. The Blight has recently surfaced after a long period of inactivity, and as a Grey Warden only you and a few others know that this the greatest threat your world has ever known.

Choices Make A Difference

As a Warden you're tasked with bringing the people of the world under your banner to end the Blight in a climactic battle that will determine the fate of all life in the world. Unfortunately, that world  is plagued with all the problems and injustices that plague our own world. Poverty, political strife, and greed run rampant and many would-be powerful allies are too concerned with their own affairs to help you. In this sense Dragon Age is a very REAL game, there are real concerns, and the decisions you make affect the lives of people in the game forever. You're also faced with very real world problems, in order to gain the allegiance of one person or group you might have to kill or run off another person or group, changing the storyline and the world you live in forever.

Chance And Due-Diligence Make A Difference

Chance and due-diligence adds another layer of complexity to the storyline and by this we mean who you talk to, and what you do can greatly affect large-scale battles and scenes in the game. One example is one of the first cities in your quest, Red Cliffe, you can of course choose to help them with an undead invasion bound for the city, or ignore them, if you choose to help there are things you can do to bolster the defenses that require you going out of your way, and thinking objectively, to find those things. In three different play throughs from three different players each found a different way of bolstering the defenses, and each of those had a very different effect on the outcome of the battle.

Who You Are Makes A Difference

Who you are and what you've done also plays a very large role in the game. You're treated differently as a noble, than if you have humble beginnings and these changes are shown throughout the game in conversations and actions of characters you encounter. The Origins part of the game determines who you are, where you came from, your own history, and the class you play. Playing the game as an impoverished city Elf is very different than playing the game with an origin of a Dwarven noble.

Here's a look at some of the origin stories:

The City Elf

The Noble Dwarf

Origins Mage Trailer


Dragon Age Screenshots

Playing Dragon Age

We've put together a list of some of the features in game that make Dragon Age unlike anything we've played before, take a look:

  • Rich Story: The story is rich and compelling enough to really pull you in, after something of a dry spell in gaming Dragon Age really pulls out some of the old feelings and emotional attachment seen in some of the RPG classics.
  • Tactics: In Dragon Age you control 4 party members at once, doing this could be a daunting task if not for the amazing tactics system built into the game. You can set general rules and guidelines for characters in your party to follow even when you're not controlling them. They can be INCREDIBLY in-depth for the master tacticians or very simple for players who want to allow the game to pick the best options. Everything is easily handled via a check box system that only takes a few minutes to learn and can provide you with a massive advantage in some of the more vicious battles in the game.
  • Choices and Replay-ability: Due to the sheer volume of choices you make in the game, from how you start to every thing you do, there are lots of opportunities to replay Dragon Age, and end up in a very different place each time you play through the game.
  • Downloadable Content: BioWare will be supporting the game with downloadable content for at least two years - that's a whole lot of downloads. There will also be tools for the community to add new content and allow players to download and try it out.

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the stand out titles for 2009, and if you haven't had a chance to pick it up we hope this article helps in making your decision! To learn more about Dragon Age visit their official website at:



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