Dragon Age: Origins New Video Reveal Of Zevran!

This week we've received a new video from Dragon Age: Origins, released at the Tokyo Game Show!

The video highlights a character known as Zevran. Keeping in tune with the dark undertones and painfully fulfilling storyline we've grown accustomed to in Dragon Age; Zevran was born to a prostitute and sold into the Guild of Thieves. In the game Zevran will play a key role in your quest to exterminate the blight and save humanity!

Here's a look at the newly released video for this character:


Here's some lore on this character from BioWare:

The Antivan Crows are the most infamous guild of thieves and assassins in all of Thedas, even counting members of royal houses among their numbers. The organization’s fearsome reputation is often as effective as the exotic poisons they have developed - letting them all but rule their homeland through terror. Zevran, born to an elven prostitute in the capital of Antiva, was sold to the guild at a young age. Although he resisted the Crows’ brutal training methods at first, he eventually accepted his lot, then began to excel. Zevran rose through the ranks to become one of the Crows’ most promising assassins, specializing in both seduction and stealth. Brash and ambitious, he has accepted his most dangerous commission yet: A target in far-off Ferelden, one that may bring him unimaginable rewards.



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