May 18-19 Schedule Change: Curse Dota 2 Invitational Sponsored by Alienware

A note about this weekend's events:

Due to the western qualifier for The International 3 we will be delaying all Curse Dota 2 invitational matches until after their completion each day.  This means that we will be starting at 22:00 CET 4:00 EST each day.  We also regret to announce that NaVi had a previous commitment at a LAN event this weekend and did not inform admins before accepting the event invite, so they have been disqualified,  This means 3rd place team RoX.KIS will be rejoining dignitas and Team Liquid in the finals weekend.  

Our first game Saturday night will be dignitas vs. Team Liquid with a 1 game advantage to Team Liquid because they have been in the winners bracket the entire time.  The lose of that match will play RoX.KIS for a spot in the grand finals immediately after that match.  Then Sunday after TI3 qualifiers conclude we will play our BO5 finals.  

We hope all of you will tune in to see the conclusion of our event, and we wish all the teams involved good luck!

Curse and Alienware are proud to present the Curse Dota 2 Invitational!

In a series of events spanning three weekends, eight teams will face off in a double-elimination bracket for a whopping $10,000 prize pool.

Who will reign supreme? You'll just have to stay tuned! 


8-Team Invitational | Double-Elimination Bracket | 3 Weekends, 3 Best-of-3 Matches/Broadcast Day
$10,000 Prize Pool: 1st: $5,000 | 2nd: $3,000 | 3rd: $2,000 
SponsorsAlienwareDota 2 

Caster: Ayesee
Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers is a Dota 2 caster who has been working in the industry since early 2011. Full-time caster of the RaidCall Dota 2 League, he is a classically trained broadcaster with years of radio work in his background and brings a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm to casts.

Caster: Blaze 
David "Blaze" Dillon is a Professional Dota 2 broadcaster, currently actively casting for The Premier League and Beyond the Summit. He has graciously agreed to fill in for Ayesee this weekend while he moves!

Co-Caster: Merlini
Ben "Merlini" Wu is an ex-professional Dota player with a number of teams under his belt including MYM, EG, and Nirvana.Int, and more, and is a current Dota 2 streamer with an extensive hero catalog and VoD library.


Team Liquid | Dignitas | Mouz | Empire | QPAD Red Pandas | NaVi | RoxKIS | EG


Week 1: May 4th & 5th - Round 1 & 2 Winners Bracket
Week 2: May 11th & 12th - Round 1, 2 & 3 Losers Bracket
Week 3: May 18th - Round 3 Winners Bracket, Finals, Loser Bracket Finals May 19th - Grand Finals (Weighted Best of 5)

Matches each day begin 22:00 CET 4:00 EST on Twitch. Match schedule is listed below the stream.

May 4th
Navi vs. dd.Dota  9:00 EST 15:00 CET
RoxKIS vs. Mouz  12:00 EST 18:00 CE
Dignitas vs. EG  15:00 EST 21:00 CET

May 5th
Team Liquid vs. Empire   9:00 EST 15:00 CET
Team Liquid/Empire vs. Mouz 12:00 EST 18:00 CET
EG vs NaVi 15:00 EST 21:00 CET

May 11th
Qpad vs dignitas 9:00 EST 15:00 CET
Empire vs Rox KIS 12:00 EST 18:00 CET
Qpad/dignitas vs. Mouz 15:00 EST 21:00 CET

May 12th
EG vs. Empire/RoX.KIS 9:00 EST 15:00 CET
Lower bracket Round 3 Match 1 12:00 EST 18:00 CET

May 18th
Team Liquid vs. Dignitas 22:00 CET 4:00 EST
Lower Bracket Finals: Immediately after previous

May 19th
Grand Finals 22:00 CET 4:00 EST

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