Arkane Studios Previews Steampunk Shooter Dishonored

Arkane Studios has released a great little behind-the-scenes feature video their upcoming first-person shooter Dishonored. The game is set in fictional city called Dunwall that oozes steampunk culture. 

In the video, embedded above courtesy of Gamestop, Raphael Colontino and Harvey Smith, Creative Directors at Arkane Studios take us through some of what we can expect when Dishonored ships (hopefully) later this year. The main character that you play as is Corvo, an assassin capable of possessing animals to do his bidding as well as some lethal stealth takedowns or just flat out mayhem. Corvo is in charge of protecting the empress, who is killed on your watch at the beginning of the game (nice job, bodyguard). You are falsely accused of her murder and spend the rest of the game clearing your name and seeking revenge.

The video above shows us our first glimpse at gameplay and the environments that players will experience in Dishonored. Neither Arkane nor Bethesda have mentioned a release date but with Bethesda's launch calendar for 2012 pretty barebones so far, we're hoping that it will be 2012.

Check out Dishonored's home page for some more information on the game at


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