Syfy Commences Production of Defiance Series

As of today Syfy has officially commenced production of the Defiance series in Toronto, ON, having completed shooting on the pilot episode this spring with talent including Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, Jaime Murray, Graham Greene, Mia Kirshner, and Nionnula Flanagan.

Trion's massively mulltiplayer online shooter and the television series go hand-in-hand in an unprecedented partnership featuring an interconnected world and crossing storylines!  Both are to debut simultaneously in April 2013, with viewers following the immersive drama each week as they adventure in the game.  Here's what players can expect, as revealed at E3 this year:

  • Instanced dungeons and raids, which players will group for
  • Many different types of vehicles
  • All players will exist int he same world, and integrated VoIP is a real possibility
  • Both the show and game will launch about the same time:  Game actions will affect the show, but it's unknown how long of a lag there will be between actions on the game vs. the show
  • The show may cover the back stories of the main character, or even change to cover more people in the world
  • Ammo management isn't a huge concern, as all monsters will drop ammo and other loot
  • Players will be able to rank up and unlock mods for their weapons. Mods are things like new scopes, grips, magazine upgrades, etc.
  • Outfits are going to be a large part of the game, and will somehow encourange like-minded people to pool their resources and play together
  • Dynamic events will constantly occur throughout the world, in different scopes
  • Dynamic action events will require good aim, friends, and planning to take down large enemies, such as shooting specific spots, or kiting enemies
  • There will be both underground and above-ground events and instances
  • You can resurrect teammates, or spawn at the closest respawn point
For more information head to and be sure to stay tuned for further news on this dual-media wonder!


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